AI Changing the Way we Manage Projects

AI is touching almost every area of modern life, and in this post-pandemic economy, the steady evolution of tech-driven companies provide hope about future prosperity. 

As every industry increasingly embraces artificial intelligence, project managers are asking themselves “What can AI do for me?”

“A lot” is the answer. According to a KPMG 2020 study, companies investing in AI are achieving on average 15% productivity improvement for their projects. 

How exactly does it do that? We ask our CEO John Clancy.

“At Galvia our AI powered decision intelligence platform turns an organisation’s data into meaningful insights in a fast, secure and reliable way. 

“Galvia integrates data from various enterprise data sources to build predictive models, generate deep insights and offer visualisations supporting automated, intelligent decision making. We enhance and not replace existing project management tools.  

“Think of us as your virtual copilot  – on hand to alert, prompt and focus attention – where and when it is needed.

“Galvia eliminates almost 80% of routine work, measures ongoing projects and predicts future failing projects with over 90% precision.

“Above all Galvia empowers teams to focus more on what’s important – value creation & more satisfied customers” concludes John.

John and CTO Mohammad Waqar have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world including Nestlé and Atos. Galvia actually began as a response to a client request to help draw insights from various data sources so that enterprise teams could learn fast, detect problems early and deploy solutions before issues become widespread.

We delivered and introduced Decision Intelligence, a new era in project management. 

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