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Galvia for Enterprise

At Galvia our mission is to help big and small enterprises leverage the power of AI. Our platform integrates data from various sources to support better business decision making. By building predictive models and generating actionable insights presented in visualisations that are easy to understand and share, your teams have the freedom to focus on what matters most – value creation and more satisfied customers.



Informed Decisions

Organisations that make data driven decisions win more.

How our AI-Powered Platform Works

Safe and Scalable

We find enterprise AI solutions that integrate with your existing platforms. Built to work on the cloud, or on-premise, Galvia’s AIpowered platform is developed with security first in mind.

Gain Actionable Insights Across Your Enterprise

Galvia’s enterprise AI platform is easy to use and easy to view with both micro and macro level insights and alerts that can be shared across your portfolio and acted on fast.

Focus Attention and Alerts to Risks

If a potential issue is brewing, decision makers could be alerted, so that they can make the necessary adjustments. Our enterprise AI platform is your virtual co-pilot – on hand to alert, prompt and focus attention where and when it is needed.

Track Performance across Multiple Data Sources

Galvia’s AI powered platform learns from past project data to predict impending issues or failure with more than 90% precision. Our predictive analytics solutions keep projects on track and on target.

Manage Your Growth

With our enterprise AI platform, you can seamlessly track sales data, generate automated reports to assess your business performance and drive commercial growth.

Automate Routine Tasks

Leverage Galvia’s automation solutions to digitally transform your procurement, accounts payable, expenses and payments processes.

The Right AI Solution for Your Business Needs

Galvia’s out of box essential Enterprise AI solutions and APIs cater for the needs of any industry including:

Let Your Data Work for You

We build solutions, not models. Galvia’s enterprise AI solutions quickly and efficiently gives data engineers, data scientists and commercial decision makers the AI support they need to meet commercial goals.

Drive Revenue

Unlock revenue growth and drive business with fast, actionable insights.

Reduce Costs

Identify potential pain points and keep projects on track and on target.

Increase Engagement

Identify and act on key triggers that drive customer engagement and ensure retention.

What our Clients Say

The Galvia team brought an inspiring project to Atos – one that meant increased efficiency but most importantly helped shift the focus to what is most important, our clients.

Marcus Valente, Head of Operations CEE, Atos

Freedom to Focus on what Matters Most

Let us help your Enterprise drive success and commercial growth.

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