Enterprises that make smart decisions lead

Galvia began as a response to a client request to draw insights from various data sources to help enterprises learn fast, detect problems early and deploy solutions before issues become widespread.

 Our partners have played an instrumental role in our journey and they continue to shape who we are and what we do. Trusting us with their data, our platform empowers Enterprises to turn what is a hugely valuable asset into something that generates revenues, profits and sustainable growth.

We are a decision intelligence engine that leverages your data to quickly understand what happened, why it’s happening and how to take action.

Our Team has got your back

We value skill, vision and graft. If you’d like to join our team, send us your resumé along with ‘why’ you would be a great addition to a great team.

John Clancy

Founder & CEO

Mohammad Waqar


Maureen Rabbitt


Arek Stasiewicz



Megan Farrelly

Marketing Intern


Girija Shingte

Data Science

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